Summer Camp 2015 - Camp Chawanakee

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Get ready for a summer of fun in the Sierras at Camp Chawanakee, Sequoia Council.

The camp was founded on Shaver Lake in 1946 by a grant from the federal government, the Civilian Conservation Corps and Southern California Edison Power Company. The first year of operation was 1947.  Camp Chawanakee has grown from a capacity of 100 Scouts and no facilities to today's 4400 Scouts and Scouters with complete group of permanent facilities.

Camp Chawanakee offers opportunities for Scouts to develop their unit and personal programs in a concentrated weeklong full-time scouting achievement environment. There is the Trail to First Class program for new and junior scouts as well as the opportunity for Scouts to earn their choice of over 40 merit badges. For the more accomplished Scouts there are the Trails of Chawanakee, The 52'  climbing tower, rifle and shotgun shooting, sail boating, C.O.P.E. Course and overnight adventure outings.

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Troop 339 Summer Camp coordinator: Angela Bermudez

Merit Badges

There is a lot of opportunity for advancement at summer camp.  Younger Scouts would benefit from the programs that work on the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class requirements - collectively known as Trail to First Class.  Merit badges are also categorized by difficulty. Some like archery require siginifcant upper body strength to achieve the required minimum score which most boys don't reach until they are about 13. Others like Wilderness Survival require a higher level of maturity and tenacity as they overnight in the woods in a self made shelter.

Please see the attachment below for notes on signing up for the various merit badges.

Camp Address

Its always fun to get mail at camp. Note mail delivery can take and additional 2 to 3 days in remote areas. Please address the letters and packages as shown below.  Misdirected or late care packages are likely to be enjoyed by the staff.

43485 Dinkey Creek Road, 
Shaver Lake, CA 93664