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Resources for unit leaders come in many forms including knowledgeable people, training, and literature.

Experienced scouting resources

  • Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner - Mentoring and info on program changes, opportunities, scouting program help, training
  • Former Unit Leaders, Unit Leaders from other units - great places to go camping and fun activities
  • District Executive, Volunteer Desk (your scouting professional) - questions on insurance, YPT issues, charters
  • Roundtable - pick up/drop off info, current events and opportunities, personal networking, training breakouts on a variety of topics
  • University of Scouting - Annual gather in February or March. Classes on a wide variety of topics in a day from experienced volunteers
  • Order of the Arrow - Service team, camping promotion, native dance demonstrations

National Council

Orange County Council

National Magazines

National High Adventure Bases

Orange County Council Camps

Web volunteer web sites

These links go to unofficial scouting information sites which have some good info on them.  Some sites including, have useful information, but also carry unofficial rank advancement information so cannot be linked to from an OCBSA web site.


Trivia: The 1953 National Scout Jamboree was held on the Irvine Ranch on land that is now known as Eastbluff and Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Jamboree Boulevard commemorates the event. The Jamboree ran July 17, 1953–July 23, 1953 and saw 45,401 participants with a theme of "Forward on Liberty's Team".

World Scouting