Troop 339's "NYLT T-Shirt Folding"

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Last Monday we implemented NYLT type training into our meeting.  The SPL and ASPL took the patrol leaders over to a table with 2 shirts, along with a laptop playing the looped video of how to fold shirts quickly.  The Patrol leaders had 5 minutes to learn, and then had to teach the rest of their patrol.  After their patrol learned and determined their best folder, we where ready to start the competitions.  The patrols for the competion where the Overwatchers and the Spider Pigs, along with two of the Old Goats, who we invited to play.  First, the patrols sent their best t-shirt folder to face off, having to fold all 6 shirts.  The Old Goats won, demenstrating extreme t-shirt folding ninja skills, which they hopefully will now implement at home.  Next, we had the whole patrol face off in a "Which patrol can fold all the shirts the fastest" competition, inwhich the Spider Pigs won.  Finally, for the grand finale, there was a relay race.  In the race, each patrol starts off with a t-shirt folder in front.  After he folded all 6 shirts, he ran back, proceeding to tag the t-shirt unflolder who had to unfold all 6 tshirts, laying them flat on the table.  They then ran back and tagged the t-shirt folder, and the process continued until everyone in the patrol finished.  The Old Goats won victoriously, even after the "bonus round", with the Spider Pigs second and the Overwatchers taking up the rear with third. As acting SPL for the competiton I absolutely loved watching everybody compete.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! 

I attached the link to the videos after this text, so I hope you can watch all of them and see how fun it was!  There are 4 videos, so you may need to watch out of order for some.