Camporee 2016

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For the past month our Troop has been preparing for Camporee, a campout that helps build and enrich patrol spirit through compotition.  Troops from all over the Del-Mar district have been preparing to compete, and everyone wants to win the White Buffalo.  The White Buffalo is awarded to patrols who reached or exceeded the required amount of points won in competitions.  Mr. Edgerly would like every patrol to win this year since only one patrol, the Pandas, won the White Buffalo last year.  The first two games, fire starting and knot tying, are held at our own campsite and judged by Mr. Edgerly.  After judgement, patrols are sent out on their own to compete in the following games:

  • Orienteering quiz
  • Kim’s game
  • Plutonium carry
  • Scout Knowledge
  • Shelter building
  • and First Aid

Their also will be fun games held starting at 1:30 and cracker barrel, along with those who made it into the OA being mentioned at campfire.

I can't wait to see everyone at Camporee!

Here is a list of last years events for an idea of this year's upcoming Camporee:

White Buffalo Patch