January 2013 Where Eagles Dare

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Troop 339 - Where Eagles Dare - January 2013

Troop 339 – Where Eagles Dare – January 2013

Where Eagles Dare

New Web Site

The new troop website is online. This version of the website is built using Drupal – an open source content management system – which allows a host of advanced features including this online newsletter, polls, web forms, Google calendar integration, searchable site, security control for content contributors and much more. The site will evolve to meet the communication needs of the troop. If you'd like to manage a content page on the site, request access to Peter Gruenbeck. No tools or special experience is needed.

Online only Newsletter

The troop newsletter is moving into the 21st Century by going to an all electronic format. This will provide lower cost of production, flexibility in design, clickable hyperlinks, interactive content and more. The newsletter format will evolve as we gain experience in this format and to meet the communication needs of the troop.

2013 Troop Leadership

We thank the 2012 leadership and troop committee led by Committee chair Allisun Gonzalez and Scoutmaster Peter Gruenbeck for a job well done on its banner 50th Anniversary year.

The 2013 leadership and troop committee will be led by Committee chair Kara Nomura and Scoutmaster Russell Snider. The full troop committee makeup is pubished in the Dec 2012 newsletter click here

Heritage Hill Service Project

Troop 339 members William and Christopher Nomura, Kendall Kutz, RJ and Caleb Snider and adults Russell Snider, Kara Nomura and more assisted Crew 339 and OC Parks prepare the candelarias for this evening's Christmas presentation of the park. There were about 1,000 bags to fill with sand and a candle and place along the trails throughout the park. Other groups will will light the candles at dusk and reset for Sunday night.

Upcoming Events

Horseback Riding

The Troop will be horseback riding and Camping at Prado Regional Park. We will ride for one hour at Prado Equestrian Center, and spend the Night(s) at Prado Regional Park.

Visit the online signup form here: http://goo.gl/Zv69Q

Hometown History Bike Hike

The Hometown History Bike Hike is back. Discover the history of Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. What is the oldest building in Costa Mesa? Why are there train tracks at a car wash? Where is the old blacksmith's shop. Ride this moderate 15 mile bike ride finishing with a BBQ and campfire at the beach and earn a cool High Adventure patch.

Leadership Notes

Committee Chair

Just a quick reminder we have a Parent Meeting this coming Monday, January 7th. Please email me anything you want to include on the Agenda. Thank you and hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Christmas and wishing you the best for the 2013 New Year!
Kara Nomura

Training Opportunities

  • University of Scouting

    "Always More to Learn" Scout Leaders and Parents have you ever wonder how to add more pizazz to your Scout meeting, how knowing the right knot could save your life, or where the cool outings are in Southern California. We'll wonder no longer.
    • Saturday - February 2nd, 2013
    • Santa Ana College
    • 1530 West 17th Street, Santa Ana CA 92706
    ... is our annual all day training conference. Over 50 courses will be offered, covering Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity,Venture, Sea Scout and High Adventure program topics along with a large number of General subject courses.


  • HAT Winter Camping

    There is HAT winter backpack training available on http://hat.ocbsa.org/training.htm Feb 9 and a training campout Feb 16-17

  • Wood Badge

    21st Century Wood Badge is the ultimate leadership training program available for Adult Scout Leaders who are involved in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America. Woodbadge is designed to train leaders using the latest skills and techniques of Leadership. Similar courses on the corporate side cost thousands of dollars per attendee and may not offer the same depth. http://woodbadge.ocbsa.org/
    Course information for 2013 spring and fall should be updated shortly.

    Contact Peter Gruenbeck, Chris Edgerly or one of our NYLT trained youth for more information.

  • NYLT

    The NYLT course simulates a month in the life of a unit. It is a six-day course, usually held at Lost Valley. It reinforces and expands upon Be-Know-Do leadership. As a leader you will utilize the Teaching EDGE(TM) for the Scouts to learn a number of leadership skills and concepts. The youth will learn about the stages of team development and how to match the most appropriate leadership style with the developmental stage of the individual or team. The course has many challenges for the candidates, including its culmination where they undergo a quest for the meaning of leadership, which they then present to the entire NYLT troop. http://nylt.ocbsa.org

    Contact Peter Gruenbeck, Chris Edgerly or one of our NYLT trained youth for more information.


c/o Peter Gruenbeck * 3137 Killarney Lane * Costa Mesa * 92626