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New Troop Posistions

Yesterday we held troop elections, and the following positions were voted or assigned:  Senior Patrol Leader is Ryan, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is Adam.  The patrol leaders are Gavin (Doge Patrol). Ethan (Overwatch Patrol), Chas D. (Spider Pig Patrol).  Blake is Troop Guide; Dylan is OA Representitve; Topher, Owen, Enzo, John, and Nick are Quartermasters; George is Librarian; Zach and Michael are Den Chiefs, and Luke is Chaplain's Aid. 




Kevin's Eagle Scout

We would all like to congratulate Kevin for his rank of eagle scout!  Congratulations, you made it just in time!  We all are proud of you, and would like to wish you well with any certain carrier you decide to pursue! 


Troop 339's "NYLT T-Shirt Folding"

We did a NYLT stlye t-shirt folding competition.  Please click "Read More" to learn more, because this definitely a really interesting article!

                                                     -Ryan, Troop 339's Webmaster


Imaginology 2016

We did really well this weekend at Imaginology.  We had an amazing spot this year, which probably explains how we shattered last year's sales.  Burgers and Brats, Troop 339!  Hopefully we will get that same spot next year!

Camporee 2016

This Camporee made history.  For 16 years, Dr. Skahen wanted every patrol attending to earn the White Buffalo.  Well, his dreams became reality.  Every patrol attending earned the White Buffalo, a great achievment for all attending.  While it did rain, it only added to the fun of the campout, allowing for scouts to socalize under the tarps.  Further, Dr.

Puppy Scouts Update: April Fool's!

Puppy Scouts!  Check out this amazing program for your dog's


New Patrol Names For Camporee

An email was just sent out to all of the parents regarding all the new patrol names.  I just would like to follow up and repeat the patrols:

Pandas are now "SpiderPigs"

Pythons are now  "Doge"  pronounced Dogee.

Polar Bear are now  "Over watchers"

New Patrol patches will be passed at the 4/4/16 troop meeting.  Mr. Edgerly would like everyone to have their Patrol patches sewed on prior to Camporee so that we all pass uniform inspections.


We Would Like To Welcome 2 New Scouts!

Today our Troop gained 2 new members that bridged over from Pack 108.  When you see them on Monday, be sure to welcome them to Troop 339!


Camporee 2016

For the past month our Troop has been preparing for Camporee, a campout that helps build and enrich patrol spirit through compotition.  Troops from all over the Del-Mar district have been preparing to compete, and everyone wants to win the White Buffalo.  The White Buffalo is awarded to patrols who reached or exceeded the required amount of points won in competitions.  Mr. Edgerly would like every patrol to win this year since only one patrol, the Pandas, won the White Buffalo last year.  The first two games, fire starting and knot tying, are held at our own campsite and judged by Mr.

February 2016 Scout Sunday

Scount Sunday is coming up on February 14 from 8-10 a.m.  The scouts will be serving pancakes and sausage to the church members and the community, followed by a 10 a.m. church service.  The event is free to everyone, and the sign up sheet has already been relesed for those who want to help.  The scouts will obtain service hours for their work, along with recognition at the following church service.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Edgerly with your concerns.

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